PDP Launching Special Fight Pad Pro Controllers for Nintendo Switch

Fight Pad Pro

PDP has announced that they are launching special GameCube like controllers called Fight Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch to be used specially with the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is shaping up to the one of the most hyped Nintendo Switch games of all times and it is already receiving a lot of specially themed accessories. The newest one to be made specially while keeping this game in focus are the new Fight Pad Pro controllers which look just like the original GameCube controllers.

These wired Pro controllers appear as authentic as the original ones and come with the option to change the small C-Stick with a full-sized stick making the controller even better and more comfortable for longer gaming sessions. Nintendo Switch is also launching its own GameCube like controller which is much more expensive than the PDP one and it does not come with the inter-changeable stick.

Check out the images below for the three controllers and their buying options.

Fight Pad Pro

Purchase Mario-Themed Controller

Fight Pad Pro

Purchase Zelda-Themed Controller

Fight Pad Pro

Purchase Pikachu-Themed Controller

The PDP Fight Pad Pro controller also comes with a 10-foot USB cable so you do not have to very close to the screen while using the controller. The PDP controllers displayed above are themed after Zelda, Pikachu and Mario. All three controllers are alike except the middle logo which represents the franchise after which the controller is themed at.

The PDP Pro version also sits at $25 which is $5 less than the official Nintendo GameCube controller for the Switch which will retail at $30 when it comes out. This is not the only exclusive Super Smash Bros themed hardware coming out.

Nintendo earlier revealed that they are launching a special Super Smash Bros Ultimate themed Nintendo Switch as well while many other special Super Smash Bros themed controllers are also on the way.

Super Smash Bros is coming out on December 7, 2018 exclusively on Nintendo Switch console so these Fight Pad Pro controllers will also launch at the same date. Pre-orders are now open. You can pre-order yours right nor from Amazon by clicking the links above.

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