Just a Few Days Left to Try out PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta

PC Building Simulator 2 Third Update

The sequel to the popular PC building simulator, PC Building Simulator 2 is about to conclude its open beta on June 20, which means you still have a couple of days to try out the game on the Epic Game Store right now.

If you haven’t tried it out already, the PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta consists of the first hour of the Career Mode, while also giving you a look at the Free Build Mode with a limited selection of parts.

Anyone that participates in the Open Beta of the game will also enjoy a 15% discount on the full launch of the game.

Check out the trailer below:

PC Building Simulator 2 pushes the limits of virtual PC creation to new heights, rendering players’ dream machines in more detail than ever before. Launching with over 1200 officially licensed parts from industry giants like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and enthusiast brands like Thermal Grizzly, players will be able to customize and optimize their rigs to a new level.

PC Building Simulator 2 is the sequel to the cult hit build-‘em-up that announced its open beta from June 10-20 on PC. With the first five levels to try out from the challenging 30+ hours of gameplay in the career mode, you can also sample the Free build mode which offers a few parts that you can attach to a build.

PC Building Simulator 2 Beta

Key Features:

  • An in-depth, 30+ hour career mode
  • 1200+ individual PC parts at launch
  • Improved and updated visuals for greater graphical fidelity
  • Takes hardware and software simulation to the next level
  • Workshop and PC Case customisation
  • Brand new features such as thermal imaging, power monitoring, revamped thermal paste, custom VRM/RAM/GPU water blocks
  • More RGB!

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Have you tried out the game in Open Beta? What do you think of the sequel as compared to the first game? Post your comments below.

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