Detective Adventure Game Paws of Coal Arrives on PC

Indie developer Gamechuck has announced the launch of its new detective adventure game Paws of Coal on PC via Steam. Paws of Coal is now available on PC exclusively via Steam as a standalone game and as a bundle with its soundtrack. Set in a small village, your goal in Paws of Coal is to find the secrets behind an outbreak and look for clues that might help you in solving the problem and saving the village.  You can check out the latest trailer for Paws of Coal below to see the game in action:

In the game, you will explore Rabbit Burrows where the miners are mysteriously falling ill and it is seriously affecting the production output of the mine. There seems to be nothing in sight that could be causing the illness and hence for solving the weird mystery, you, Charles Quill, a scholar, step into the light, summoned by the crown to look for hints and clues and figure out what is causing all of the illness and outbreak in the mines.

Since Paws of Coal is a detective game, you will be looking for clues in different locations and joining them together to make a strong case and get behind the main cause of the outbreak. You will need to find clues, join them together, and solve the mystery. Depending on your choices, you will unlock different endings during an average playthrough session of around 3 – 4 hours. This encourages replayability to check out the other options and get to the real cause of the problem if you failed initially.

Key features of Paws of Coal include:

  • Gather and connect clues to form a myriad of open-ended conclusions
  • Gain friends and foes among various animal factions, species, and classes
  • Make difficult moral decisions that will push the story in unexpected ways
  • Hand-drawn backgrounds and frame-by-frame animated characters, flora, and fauna
  • Classical score inspired by Wagnerian leitmotifs and composed by Fenton Huston

Paws of Coal PC

If you are interested in Paws of Coal, you can head over to Steam where the game is now available for purchase and playing. If you want to jump into the game at a later date, you can add the game to your Steam Wishlist as well and then give it a shot at a later date. For its launch week, the developer is offering a 10% launch discount on the game as well so if you want to nab it, you only have until May 8, 2023.

What are your thoughts on the PC release of Paws of Coal and is it something that you might be interested in playing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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