Neo-Aztec Shooter Pawarumi Gets a Launch Trailer to Celebrate Release

Pawarumi Launch Trailer

Manufacture 43 has released the launch trailer for Pawarumi to celebrate the release of the game today. Pawarumi is an intense, challenging and fast-paced shooter that is sure to test out the players’ skills as they switch between different weapons on the go to annihilate their enemies. Pawarumi is now available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

In Pawarumi, players step in the shoes of Axo, the best pilot of Chukaru, behind the best ship in the entire planet. Axo is set out to fix her wrong dealings and avenge the destruction of her own planet by her own hands. Axo managed to wipe out every last defense of Earth under the influence of an alien entity and now must avenge the fall of her own people.

The game features amazing levels as players try to survive the onslaught of enemies and use different weapons against different enemies. Axo’s ship is equipped with three unique weapons and they are most effective against a certain type of enemies. This is up to you to decide which weapon is most effective and which is not because of the careful balance of weapons in the game will ensure your survival.

Check out the launch trailer of Pawarumi below.

Daniel Borges from Manufacture 43 said:

There are no boosts, ammo, extras or anything. We kept what’s essential in a shoot ’em up – shooting, dodging, blowing stuff up – and added our own “trinity” mechanic instead. This very simple directive really works resulting in hand-eye blasting coordination of the highest level!”

The Nintendo Switch™ version of Pawarumi includes a very special feature, the Joyful Ship! With this enabled, the game actually recognizes what color Joy-Con™ is connected to the console and colors the players’ ship accordingly – we’ve seen some unique and amazing color combinations!

Key features of Pawarumi include:

  • Three difficulty settings, each with its own alternate storyline.
  • The difficulty curve is designed so that a player that beats the game in easy mode gets ready to play in normal mode and then in hard mode.
  • The three weapons of the player are red, green and blue and are tied and linked, to enemy factions and divinities: jaguar, serpent, and condor.
  • Cool eye candy special effects.
  • The Nintendo Switch™ version of Pawarumi has a unique ship, the Joyful, that adopts the colors of your Joy-Con™!

Pawarumi is now available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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