Get Your Virtual Canvases Ready as Painting VR Releases on April 14th

Painting VR Launch

Oisoi Studio has announced the Painting VR release date, as the game launches on Meta Quest and Steam on April 14. Painting VR lets you paint in virtual reality as you can imagine the freedom it gives when painting virtual canvases.

Painting VR is all about using your hands, is easy to understand, and caters to all ages. You can play around, relax, and use an unlimited supply of fresh paint on canvas. You can learn the basics of colors, and the painting process, and steadily master the art of composition.

Watch the Painting VR launch trailer below:

Painting VR puts you in an artist studio with an unlimited supply of paint so lifelike, you’ll forget you’re in a virtual world. Pick your preferred size canvas, choose from a wide selection of brushes and inspiring tools, dip in and start creating. It’s that easy!

Painting VR will help you sharpen your skills by experimenting with tools and techniques, becoming part of a new wave of digital artists. Once your art project is done, you can share your work in the Painting VR community.

Painting VR Launch

Key Features:

  • Familiar, yet new – Painting VR is painting evolved; create stunning art by blending age-old techniques with the latest technological advances. There is no “undo” in real life, but there is one in Painting VR!
  • A relaxing experience – By using a combination of visuals, audio & haptics, digital artists will be immersed in a relaxing and satisfying creative experience.
  • A wide selection of brushes & tools – A spray can, brushes, paint rollers, markers, and even a customisable drill fitted with a brush magnet? We have it all!
  • Pick or mix paint colours – Dip your brush in the bucket of your choice, or mix colours to get the desired effect. You can even use the colour picking function to select colours from your canvas, mixing palette or reference images.
  • In-game web browser – Listen to your favourite tunes, watch online tutorials, or get inspired by entering (random) words in the image search engine.
  • Make the studio your own – Find the studio set-up that works best for you and save it for future visits. Put your favorite art on the walls & personalize your workplace.

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What do you think of Painting VR? Are you going to get the game? Post your comments below.

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