Overwatch Introduces Sigma as a Gravity Controlling Hero, Details Abilities

Overwatch Sigma

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the next Hero that is making its way in Overwatch. The new hero by the name of Siebren de Kuiper AKA Sigma, a Dutch Astrophysicist and a professor. Sigma’s abilities are a product of an experiment gone wrong, where he can control gravity.

Blizzard also released a developer update talking about more about Sigma and his fighting abilities that rely on his use of gravity. Sigma is a member of the terrorist Talon organization that rescued him from the secret government lockup.

When talking about Sigma’s features, he has 400 health which includes 100 Shields. He also has the ability to float around, which makes his approach silent without any footsteps. The developers then go on to highlight his abilities that include Experimental Barrier, Accretion, Kinetic Grasp, and his ultimate Gravitic Flux ability.

The first ability involves his projectile-based attacks called Hyper Spheres. In this attack, Sigma launches two gravitic charges that explode after a short period, dishing out massive amounts of damage to an area of effect, and anyone nearby. These are Sigma’s primary attack that fires two orbs that deal 60 damage each if it is a direct hit.

His Kinetic Grasp allows him to suspend any incoming projectiles and convert them into shields. Thus making the enemy attacks, a powerful way to convert it for an advantage. The damage that any projectile would have dealt, would be converted to his shield.

The Experimental Barrier is a floating barrier that Sigma can place anytime. The barrier comes with a 1500 health and can be moved on command. The shield can also be picked up after being deployed and placed someplace else of the player’s choosing.

Accretion is also a projectile type of attack where Sigma collects debris and throws it towards the enemy to knock them down. This attack deals a lot of damage to opponents and can knock them down straight. The attack has a 10 second cooldown period where it can be repeated again.

Finally, the ultimate ability of Sigma is the Gravitic Flux, where he can control gravity to lift an enemy nearby and then smash them back on the ground. This attack can trap multiple enemies in the radius and throws them into the air before slamming on the ground to deal damage.

What do you think of Sigma and his abilities? Are you looking forward to playing as Sigma in Overwatch? Post your comments below.

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