Overwatch Getting a New Spectator Mode Before World Cup


Blizzard has announced that before the next Overwatch League begins, they are launching a spectator mode called World Cup Viewer for its PC client which will allow all players to watch the event live from their PCs.

This was announced by Jeff Kaplan who works at Blizzard in a recent video in which he announced the details of the upcoming World Cup along with the World Cup Viewer. It will offer a different number of camera views which will give players the complete flexibility to watch however they want.

Players will be able to watch the Overwatch World Cup in first-person view, third-person view or even from bird’s eye vies. They will be able to move around the arena and watch whichever player they want. This is a very big step in getting players from around the world to be more interested in Overwatch League.

Overwatch League is becoming one of the biggest esports event and when it started back in early 2018, the biggest problem for the views was how to watch the matches. After seeing the problems and listening to fans around the world, Blizzard has finally announced a special spectator mode called World Cup Viewer so that players can have complete freedom to watch the events.

Viewers will also be able to adjust the speed of the video. They will be able to increase the speed of the video and slow it down according to their will. Blizzard also plans on introducing special in-depth features such as giving special icons on characters which will show their current status as well so viewers can learn while watching the matches as well.

Currently this mode is only coming to the PC client of Blizzard so console players will not be able to use this at this point. Even the PC version will be a beta version which will be tested after implementation. If everything goes well for Blizzard, we can expect this to come out on consoles as well.

The World Cup Viewer will be launched before BlizzCon which is happening later this year so PC players can expect the update to land anytime now.

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