OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Crafting Guide – How to Craft, Crafting Tips

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Crafting Guide

In this OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Crafting Guide, we will guide you on the crafting feature present in OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. Crafting is an important element of the game and you will often need to craft some of the basic items that you will use frequently in the game.

We have curated this OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Crafting Guide in which we have detailed how you can craft different items on the go with the in-game crafting menu. Having to know about crafting will greatly save you the hassle of finding every item in the world and will put those resources to good use that you collect on your journey.

Crafting Guide – OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead

Our OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Crafting Guide details everything that you need to know about crafting in OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. Crafting is very handy in the game because you will not always find the required item in the game which are otherwise important and sometimes even crucial to your survival such as bandages.

It is vital that you have sound knowledge about crafting so that you can craft these basic items on the go. The crafting system of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is very easy to understand and there is nothing too complex to work with. The crafting system of the game allows you to craft three items which are most used in the game.

These items are lockpicks, smoke grenades and bandages. Apart from these three basic survival items, you can also craft a number of other items but these three items are the ones that you will craft the most while out in the streets of zombie infested Washington D.C. Pressing and holding the ‘TAB’ key will let you open the crafting menu.

Once the crafting menu is open, you can simply press the button assigned to each item to craft them. The amount and type of resources required to craft them are also shown at this screen. The quick-craft buttons are only assigned to bandages, smoke grenades and lockpicks. By this, you can quickly craft any of these items on the go.

You will find the resources required for crafting items spread across the map. As you explore different houses and buildings, you will come across different drawers, cabinets and other storage compartments. Make sure to explore all of them to find resources that will help you in crafting these items.

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This concludes our OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Crafting Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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