OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Combat Guide – Low Profile, Avoiding Traps

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Combat Guide

In this OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Combat Guide, we will share some tips and tricks with you relating to combat in OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. Combat is an integral part of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead and it is vital that you are on your best while tackling the undead horde. Surviving in the game is not very easy and the undead horde is relentless.

We have curated this OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Combat Guide in which we have listed some tips and tricks that will help you survive various combat situations in the game and make sure that you are not overwhelmed by the horde and play the game in the best way possible. You cannot keep the horde at bay but buying a few extra moments by playing it wisely is the best you can do in the game.

Combat Tips and Tricks – OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead

In this OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Combat Guide, we will share some useful tips and tricks that will help you while dealing with the undead army.

Keep a Low Profile

While playing the game, it is vital that you keep a low profile and try to be as silent as possible. Avoid making unnecessary noises and specially using weapons to kill zombies. Always keep your suppressors on while firing your weapons. Zombies may be dumb but they are attracted to noise sources and if you are loud, chances are that a horde will be always following you.

As more and more zombies gather at a location, a horde will shortly follow them making your life in the game hell. This will reduce your chances of staying alive massively if a horde shows up at your doorstep. Avoid using weapons without suppressors as long as possible while you are certain that zombies will hear them.

Silent and less deadly players will have a greater chances of survival in the game because it is not only zombies they are up against in the game. Other humans in the world can also hear gun shots and footsteps of the player and they can be more trouble than zombies. Hence it is vital that of you want to survive long in the game, keep a low profile and move in the shadows.

Traps Hurt Plenty

As you explore the world, you will come across different buildings, rooms and other wrecked facilitates in which obviously you are not the first one stepping foot into. Be very careful when exploring new environments as you might run into different sorts of traps set in such places. You can either disarm them or avoid them, or if you are really brave run into them which is definately not what we recommend.

Traps could include different types of traps such as traps built specifically for noise making to attract zombies to that location or traps that are built to hurt people. You could walk in a room and activate a trap which will send some bottles rattling down and every zombie in the area will be upon you in no time or you could be walking around a corridor happily minding your own business until you step into a bear trap.

Always keep an eye open for different types of traps in the game as they will make your life hell. If the traps do not hurt you, they will unleash a zombie parade on you by making huge noises. So avoid all sorts of traps in the game if you want to survive longer.

Zombies are Dumb

It goes without saying but zombies lack the certain aspects of thinking and strategy building that a normal human does. They are out to eat your brains and they will do so without thinking of the consequences of their moves. They will fall into traps gladly for you, hurt themselves just so you can grab that last bit of ammo or simply create a perfect distraction for you so that you can raid a house in peace.

You can also lure them around in certain areas to create situations that are beneficial for yourself. You can even use your own self as bait while your friends complete an objective or loot items. Zombies will happily follow you wherever you go without any questions asked even if you keep running in circles. Use this technique and keep them circling in a circle to give yourself enough time or allow your friends to complete objectives.

But note that this only works on a small horde and large hordes will always have some wanderers that will leave the pack and go after the others. If you encounter a small horde or a bunch of zombies inside a house, you can easily make them run around in circles inside the house or around the house while someone loots the house.

Be Quick on Your Feet

Another important thing to remember while playing Overkill’s The Walking Dead is that you cannot linger at the same spot for too long as you will only attract attention. Zombies love nothing more than a stationary human being who is willing to get their brains eaten. We recommend that you be quick on your feet, loot up quickly, complete objectives with haste and move on.

Zombies tend to arrive at places even if you have cleared them earlier so do not stay in areas for too long. Even worse is that you might end up facing a zombie horde who seemed to be just passing by but you were in their favorite spot for too long. It is vital that you remain vigilant and move from area to area quickly. This will help you survive for much longer.

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This concludes our OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Combat Guide. If you have some more tips and tricks for us, feel free to share them below in the comments section below.

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