Overcooked 2 New DLC Surf ‘n’ Turf is now Out – New Kitchens, New Chefs, Same Old Mayhem

Overcooked 2

Ghost Town Games and Team17 have been teasing some Overcooked 2 bonus content for some time and now it has been finally revealed in the form of a new DLC Surf ‘n’Turf’ which is now available to purchase on Nintendo Switch.

Surf ‘n’ Turf is the newest DLC for the latest game in the Overcooked franchise, Overcooked 2 that came out in August 2018. The DLC brings new kitchen mayhem to the table with new levels, new chefs and new challenges to be faced by players while trying to cook some of the best dishes around.

The new DLC adds 12 new kitchens to the game each with its own unique obstacles and challenges. Apart from these 12 new kitchens, three new chefs have also been added to the game so now have even more variety of choosing a chef when you play a game. Like previous kitchens, you can bring your friends along who own the DLC for some really fun cooking sessions.

The new chefs added to the game include Parrot Chef, Island Chef and Boof who is returning to the roster from the previous game. Also included in this DLC are some brand new recipes ranging from smoothies to BBQ skewers, which really add up to the cooking recipes list. Apart from these, different new items have also been added in the game, which will help, you tackle different kitchens.

We have detailed the official key features as announced by the game developers below.

Key Features:

New Levels! Surf ‘n’ Turf features 12 new story levels. Explore the island from the pool to the beach, just watch out for waves and…. conga lines?!

New Chefs! Three news chefs join Overcooked 2. Parrot chef, Island chef and returning chef, Boof

New Recipes! Blend fruit into refreshing smoothies and BBQ tasty skewers for your hungry islanders

New Mechanics! Who said washing up had to be dull? Blast your plates clean with the trusty water pistol. Stoke the fires of your BBQ with the bellows but be aware that the hotter the fire, the quicker your food will burn

The new DLC pack Surf ‘n’ Turf is available right now to download for $5.99. Future plans for Overcooked 2 include a New Game+ mode but that will be announced later. For the time being, you can jump in the new kitchens and try out the new recipes.

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