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Outward Beginner's Guide

Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio have released their new highly anticipated open-world RPG Outward along with a launch trailer. The game is now available on all platforms and players can jump in the enchanting and unforgiving world of Aurai and discover the secrets and danger hiding in the open world.

Players can jump in Outward solo or with their friends and set off on a journey through the treacherous wilds or Aurai. The game offers both online and split-screen multiplayer. Players step into the shoes of a simple adventurer and this brings a new experience to the RPG genre as the main player is not a hero like in most modern RPGs.

The game combines storytelling elements with survival elements which ensure that each playthrough is unique and dangerous. The game also features a new magical system infused with thrilling combat and survival mechanics to ensure that players are always on the lookout for danger.

Check out the launch trailer for Outward below.

Earlier the developers also released a developer diary which was the fourth diary in the developer diary series leading to the game’s launch today. The last diary in the franchise focuses on the struggles and the benefits of cooperative gameplay in Outward.

The game offers a very easy drop-in and drop-out local or online multiplayer. Both players can assign specific roles to each other such as one can be support who carries all the heavy equipment around while the other one can be the player who handles all the enemies around them. If a player wants, they can jump in Outward solo as well and experience the brutal world of Aurai all alone.

You can check out the latest developer diary below.

If another player joins the game, the world of Aurai and its hostile inhabitants will grow stronger as well so watch out for tougher enemies when you play the game with someone else. This ensures that the game remains equally challenging and does not become very easy with friends. In any circumstances, Outward is very fun to play. You can check out our preview and find out what makes Outward so special.

We are currently reviewing Outward and our review will be live soon as well so keep checking back to find out more details about Outward.

Outward is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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