Outward Debt Guide – Earn 150 Silver, Pay Back Debt

Outward Debt Guide

In this Outward Debt Guide, we will guide you on how you can quickly pay your debt back so that you can keep your house in Outward. At the very beginning of Outward, you are required to pay back a debt of 150 silver to the community otherwise your house is taken away from you and you lose the ability to use it for sleeping, cooking and using the stash inside. This seems like a very challenging task at the beginning because the game does not tell you anything about it.

We have curated this Outward Debt Guide in which we have detailed different methods by which you can easily collect enough silver to pay back your debt to your community and ensure that your house is not taken away from you. Follow these simple steps and earn the debt quickly so that you can quickly get in the real game and go explore the brutal world of Aurai.

Debt Guide – Outward

Our Outward Debt Guide will help you collect 150 silver easily to pay back your initial debt and keep your house to yourself.


One of the easiest ways of earning some quick silver is to go fishing. Catch some fish and sell them for easy money. You will need some gear and you must be at the exact fishing spot to catch fish, however. Check out our Outward Fishing Guide which will guide you in detail about how you can easily get all the required equipment for fishing and where you can catch some fish after finding the equipment.

Selling Jam

Jam is yet another resource you can craft and sell for some quick silver to collect 150 silver. When you leave Cierzo, you will find some Gaberry plants right outside as well as the very initial area where you start your game. Make sure that you collect all of them.

After collecting some fruits, head to the Cierzo storage where you can collect the Gaberry Jam recipe. Once you have the recipe, craft jam and head to the merchant to sell it. You cannot sell the fruits so you will need the recipe to craft the jam and then sell it.

Sell Animal Hides

In the initial areas, you will come across some easy animals such as the hyenas. You can kill them and loot their bodies for hides. These hides will also fetch a decent price from the merchant. If you find some bones, collect them as well as they can be sold as well. Hyenas are not tough and you can kill them easily with any starting weapon.

Loot Everything in Cierzo

When I was playing the game on my first playthrough, I looted Cierzo for every single thing. I did not leave behind a single thing as this includes the Cierzo warehouse as well. There are some enemies inside this warehouse to watch out for them. Keep one weapon to yourself which you use a lot and sell the remaining items. Loot enough and you will have 150 silver easily without going too far away from Cierzo easily. Complete the short quest from the lady in Cierzo who will send you out to a cave to collect a certain item. It is very easy and will give you a decent amount of silver. Complete this short quest and loot the entire city and sell the items and you have around 170 silver easily without doing anything else.

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This concludes our Outward Debt Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, check out the comments section below.

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