Outward Crafting Guide – Recipes, Cooking, Alchemy

Outward Crafting Guide

In this Outward Crafting Guide, we will guide you on how you can craft different items in Outward. Outward is an RPG so naturally, it allows you to craft different items for your use. These items can later be used for different purposes such as eating, healing or consumption for boosting stats. You have the option to craft a number of different items in Outward which include food, potions, and gear.

We have curated this Outward Crafting Guide in which we will tell you how to craft different items and what are the different crafting methods in Outward. Outward does very little to introduce its mechanics to the player so this guide will tell you exactly how you can start crafting and what different items can be crafted in Outward with ease.

Crafting Guide – Outward

Our Outward Crafting Guide details everything that you need to know about crafting in Outward. Below we have detailed all different means of crafting that you can use in Outward.


Before you begin crafting items, you will need to find specific recipes. You can only craft those items whose recipes are in your inventory. Collecting recipes is not enough, you must read the scroll as well before you can actually craft that item. Simply collecting the recipe is not enough. There are different ways to gather recipes in Outward.

You can purchase recipes from merchants in different cities. They will charge you silver for every recipe but it is one of the easiest ways of obtaining recipes. You will also win some recipes as a reward when you complete quests or side quests in the game. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, you will find recipes in the wild as well so always explore each location completely.

Backpack Crafting

There’s a crafting tab when you open your inventory and you can craft a lot of items in this menu. Items that can be crafted directly in your backpack include arrows, fire, armor, and other useful items. Before you can craft something, make sure that you have the required ingredients for that item and you have read the recipe as well. Otherwise, you will not be able to craft that item. Items whose recipe is not in inventory will not even show up in the crafting tab.


You can also craft different potions in Outward with alchemy. Before you can craft potions, you must purchase an alchemy kit from a merchant. You can purchase one from the merchant in Cierzo for 60 silver. If you do not have enough silver at this point, you can also purchase one from the alchemist in Berg. You must have the recipe and the necessary ingredients to craft potions as well.


You can also cook your own food. Eating uncooked food will give you infections and disease hence it is important that you always cook your food before you eat. For cooking, you must have access to a pan or a kitchen. Your house in Cierzo has a kitchen where you can cook anything that you have recipe and ingredients for. You can cook both meals and drinks.

These not only fulfill your hunger and thirst but will also give you some times stat boosts. Make sure that you are always well stocked on food and drinks as you cannot cook food while an enemy is chasing you.

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This concludes our Outward Crafting Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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