Outriders Crafting Guide – How to Unlock, Upgrade Gear, Improve Rarity

Outriders Crafting Guide

This Outriders Crafting Guide will show you how crafting in the game works, how you can unlock it from Dr. Zahedi, and how you can upgrade your gear and weapons. Now that the full game brings the Crafting feature, allowing you to use your resources in multiple ways to buff your gear and weapons, let’s look at how you can unlock it in the first place and how you can craft.

Outriders Crafting Guide

Below we have detailed how crafting works, how to unlock it, and what crafting does to your gear and weapons.

How to Unlock Crafting

Crafting becomes available once you have played a little bit of the game, specifically after you get to the First City and find him being held, hostage. When you have access to talk to him, you will find the crafting menu unlocked, allowing you to look into all your gear and weapons that can be crafted or upgraded.

How Crafting Works in Outriders

In the crafting menu, you will find all your gear and weapons on the left side of your screen and the empty space in the middle. Choosing an item from the right will bring it to the empty space, which will then highlight all the ways you can craft and upgrade your weapon. This is indicated by the options that will pop up on the right side of the screen.

Crafting options in the game that allow you to upgrade your weapon and gear range from improving the item’s rarity, applying mods, applying attributes, and switching variants.

Improving Rarity

As you may already know at this point, there are five different rarity types for items in the game. The highest rarity is Legendary, while the lowest is common. This upgrading option allows you to upgrade the rarity of your item for example raising a rare weapon to epic will upgrade your weapon.

Having said that, you cannot improve rarity anywhere above Epic. This means that you cannot manually improve the rarity of your weapon and change it to a Legendary item. This will also be indicated by the upgrading option being unavailable when you try to improve it.


This is where you can apply Mods on your weapons to attach various skills to your weapon mods slots. There are several mods that you will find, where some are class-specific in Tier 1, while others interlink between classes allowing you to equip them on multiple classes in Tier 2.

Mods can be dismantled and swapped to equip on any other weapon that you can equip it with. However, if you choose a slot in your weapon mods slot to modify, the other mod becomes locked.


This upgrading option will allow you to use Anomaly Shards on the item and upgrade the item’s attributes to make them more powerful. Attributes are bonuses that you can apply to your weapons and gear like increasing damage or increasing your health value.

Each attribute requires its own shards, which can also be obtained by disassembling other items. In addition, whenever you upgrade an attribute, you are refunded a small portion of shards back.

Switching Variant

This is the last upgrading option in the crafting menu which allows you to change the weapon variant type. This option becomes available whenever you level up your character. This means that you can apply to have a more stabilized variant of the weapon, meaning lesser recoil when firing. Or, you can have a suppressed variant, decreasing damage and range but keeping your fire well hidden from enemies.

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