Sega Classic Out Run Will Come to Nintendo Switch Early 2019

[Update]: Sega Ages: Out Run will release November 29 on Nintend Switch eShop in Japan. This was announced officially by Sega.

[Original Story]

Out Run is an arcade classic that released first back in 1986. After 33 years, the game is now headed for Nintendo Switch console. The game will release early in 2019. The release date was confirmed by Sega spokesperson.

Nintendo Switch is bringing back the classic games from Sega Ages. Out Run will be part of Sega Ages lineup that is currently in full swing and bringing all the good old classic games to the most portable and powerful hardware: Nintendo Switch.

Just like other Sega Ages titles that are releasing for Nintendo Switch with better in-game music and higher frames per second, Out Run will also receive the same treatment. Out Run will get a bit of modern love in terms of graphics. There will be addition of gyro controls that will be useful in playing the game using Nintendo Switch controller. Also, Out Run will support a widescreen and will run at 60 frames per seconds.

All the small tidbits details about the game were shared in a tweet.

In Japan, the game for Nintendo Switch will cost 925 yen. Japanese fans will get the game in early 2019. However, there is no word on Western release date of the game or its pricing.

Out Run was designed by Yu Suzuki and developed by Sega AM2 back in 1986. The game was well received by arcade car racing genre fans and it quickly became critical and commercial success. Also, the game became one of the best selling video games back in the day.

If you forgot how arcade racing Out Run looked like, we would love to jolt your memory. Out Run is a 3D driving video game. Players in the game take control of driving a  Ferrari Testarossa Spider. For the first time, a third person perspective was introduced while driving the car. The car does not suffer physical damage but gets slow down upon collisions.

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