Original Burnout Paradise Servers are Shutting Down

Burnout Paradise Servers

Criterion Games has announced that the online servers for the original Burnout Paradise are shutting down and the game will no longer have access to online. Burnout Paradise was originally released back in 2008 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Burnout Paradise was Criterion Games last burnout game before they moved to work on NFS titles.

A remaster to the Burnout Paradise was released last year and it is still in full swing. The remaster did not receive as much positive response from the fans because they already had the original game with them and there was nothing special in the remastered version apart from fancy visuals and all DLC included in one package.

Criterion Games announced this decision via their official Twitter account in which they mentioned that Burnout Paradise official online servers will be shut down after 11.5 years of service. The last date of servers is August 1, 2019. The affected platforms include PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Players will however still be able to play the offline mode in the game.

You can check out Criterion Games’ official tweet below.

Criterion Games also reminds fans of the game that they have exactly 106 days to complete all the online challenges to unlock the bonuses which are locked behind online gameplay.

Fans of the game are not happy on the decision. Although the game now has a remastered version out in the market, they still want to play the original version where they spent hours and hours of driving around the Paradise City setting scores and taking down their opponents. If you are still playing the original version and you are still missing some online unlockables, better nab them asap as the online will be gone forever soon.

In addition, you must also note that only the original Burnout Paradise’s online servers are shutting down. The Burnout Paradise Remastered online servers will remain active. It might be time that fans finally move on to the remaster instead of playing the original one.

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