Four New Tracks are Coming to Onrush Via Free Update


Codemasters’ latest racing game, Onrush, is getting four new tracks soon as announced by their official twitter account. Earlier, Codemasters were teasing some new content for Onrush but they only recently confirmed that the game is indeed getting four new tracks free of cost to all players.

You can check out their official tweet below.

The track featured in the tweet looks promising and full of action. After the weak reception the game received, Codemasters is still working on the game to make it better in different ways.

There four new tracks which will be free of cost show their dedication to the game. The game although looks amazing and the gameplay is full of action and fun, it somehow failed to capture an audience because of its lack of events and weak vehicle handling.

We do hope that Codemasters makes the car handling better as well because a racing game’s main mechanic is its car control and if the game lacks that, it cannot make its place today in the racing genre. The racing genre already has very few followers as compared to other titles, which is why it is vital to create a solid game if a developer want to establish itself in this genre.

Making a sub-par game will only make you lose an already smaller part of gaming community and it leads to poor game sales and eventually game launch failures. Currently Onrush is only available on PS4 and Xbox One. A PC port was planned but after the layoffs, the chances are very slim for a PC port.

The launch date of these new tracks has not been announced as of yet. Codemasters has just said that these tracks will be launched soon. Considering the fact how much Onrush needs new content, we are hoping that they will not take too long to add them to the game.

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