Omen of Sorrow Launch Trailer Reveals Headless Horseman Arctorious and Invisible Queen Thalessa

Omen of Sorrow is a horror theme 2D fighting game that features all the greatest monsters you ever fear. The game released today and the launch trailer revealed two more characters. Both of the characters will also be playable in game.

Omen of Sorrow Physical Edition Delayed in North America, Launches on original Date in Europe

The two reveled characters are headless horsman Arctorious and invisible queen Thalessa. These two characters are seen in action in the launch trailer. Consider yourself a treat of spooky horror and action if you have already bought the game. Just in case you missed the launch trailer, watch here.

Before the official release of the game, the game was available to dry as a demo version. The demo version was released two times. The demo version of the game also had the feature to test the online gameplay.

You can play up to two players with a friend sitting besides you. Omen of Sorrow will feature traditional couch coop gameplay.  Additionally, AOne is opting for a unique netcode experience known as rollback GGPO, it will provide almost a lag less online experience.

Developed by AOne games, Omen of Sorrow has seen Alpha builds since last year. The game mixes in two dimensional art style fighting with a character roster mostly based on horror theme. The game is based on Unreal Engine 4 and consists 12 characters of player roster.

Here are the official features in Omen of Sorrow game:

  1. Omen of sorrow allows battles in Arcade and Survival Modes, or beat up friends in local Versus mode.
  2. Players can experience complete Online Mode with Ranked and Casual matches, and create lobbies for custom rule matches
  3. You can unlock more than 200 in-game rewards by conquering all of the different gameplay modes
  4. Master your fighting skills in a fully featured Training Room allows you to master your fighting skills

Are you excited about the game? What is your favorite character in the game? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below



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