Offline Mode DLC is Coming to Tetris 99 Later This Year

Tetris 99 Offline

Nintendo has confirmed that Tetris 99 is getting offline modes later this year. The offline modes will be part of the second DLC pack for Tetris 99 and it will allow players to play the game offline with their friends and family. This will be a brand new feature for the game because until now, Tetris 99 was only playable online with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. On the other hand, Tetris 99 is a free title.

Although the information on the DLC is still pretty scarce and so far, only the Japanese website for Nintendo has listed this DLC, the pack is not free. It will be a paid DLC and players who want to play the game offline along with their friends and family locally will need to purchase the DLC. We also don’t know whether these will use online servers or the game will simply work offline even if there is not an online connection.

More details will be announced by Nintendo about the DLC in the coming days. It still remains a mystery whether the complete battle royale mode will be available offline or a small portion will come offline. The offline could be a totally different mode with four or eight players duking it out together on the same console with different controllers synced with the console. Nonetheless, it will be a fun little feature and we are sure that it will allow players to hone their skills as they smash blocks after blocks locally.

Tetris 99 was released back in as a free game for Nintendo Switch and it brought with a brand new Battle Royale formula. It took the same 100 player battle for survival formula but incorporated it on Tetris delivering one of the most unique battle royale games ever. The game is free to play however you still require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for it so technically the game is not really free.

If you are planning to start playing Tetris 99, make sure that you check out our Tetris 99 Beginner’s Guide.


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