Official Sony Report Says 85 Million PlayStation 4 Units Sold – Forecast Increased For Fiscal Year

PlayStation 4 Units

Sony has revealed officially the number of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro sales in the last fiscal quarter. Both the versions combined, Sony has sold a total of 86.1 million units. Sony is expecting a more increased sale by the console cycle.

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This was revealed in Sony’s earning report of Q2 of fiscal year 2018. Q2 ended in September 30 and a total of 3.9 million PlayStation 4 units were sold.

Looking at the escalating number of sold units, Sony has increased its forecast for the entire fiscal year. Earlier, Sony predicted to sell a total of 17 million, but Sony now believes that they can sell a total of 17.5 million PlayStation 4 units.

The sheer amount of success Sony is enjoying from PlayStation 4 is so overwhelming that the company does not need to put an eye out for competition or even a successor. PlayStation 4 is doing great in terms of number of exclusives on per year basis. The console is also doing good on multi-platform games.

The increase in number of sales is subjected to perks that the console is providing in general to all of its owners. Exclusive games, PlayStation Plus Subscription, Flash sales and few others.

Noticeably, Sony is making more money due from its exclusive games. These games are console making games in particular. Games like, this year alone, God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man have managed to catch buyers into buying a PlayStation 4 console.

Other than that, a majority of players have already a PlayStation 4 comparatively to Xbox One. Since the PlayStation 4 stands out to be a common device in your friends or community circle, people end up giving preference to PlayStation 4 over Xbox One.

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