Space Adventure Occupy Mars: The Game Launches in Early Access

Occupy Mars: The Game Early Access

Developer Pyramid Games has announced that its brand-new space adventure game Occupy Mars: The Game has launched in Early Access on PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. Set on the planet Mars, Occupy Mars: The Game will take players on a fascinating journey to the enigmatic planet where you will face countless challenges. You will discover, explore, and colonize the planet where no human has set foot before.

The developer has also released the latest trailer for Occupy Mars: The Game which we have linked below for you:

After landing on the red planet, you will start building a survival base, discover new technologies, and explore unknown areas of Mars. The planet is filled with dangers, but you will get to explore what very few people have actually managed to achieve in their lives. Creating a base will first require looking for a suitable location and you will then need to work out the kinks to make it livable by making sure that it provides essential living conditions. Building the base is not the end of your job as you will also need to take care of its maintenance and functioning as well.

You will craft and use different necessary tools and vehicles, fight unpredictable atmospheric phenomena, fix malfunctions, cultivate plants, and explore the little-known areas of Mars. The biggest challenge you will face in the game is the environment of the planet which is extremely harmful to the human body. The developer is currently launching the game in Early Access with a limited set of features and mechanics and will continue the development work on the game alongside fan feedback. The game will receive additional content in the form of updates based on community feedback. The developer is also aiming to add an online co-op mode to the game.

Occupy Mars: The Game Early Access

Key features of the Early Access release of Occupy Mars: The Game include:

  • Manage your supplies – check if you have: water, oxygen, food, and energy – they are essential for surviving on Mars… Stock up!
  • Build and upgrade your base – the functioning of the command center depends on properly placed electrical installations, repairs, and potential upgrades. Do not forget the unpredictable weather conditions that can affect the functionality of your equipment and base systems.
  • Conquer the planet – find a suitable terrain that is relatively flat and with easy access to underground ice resources, which will allow you to build a functional base.
  • Day and night – a realistic day and night cycle will allow you to feel the true atmosphere of visiting Mars; solar power is crucial to survival, so make sure the base is powered by enough panels, with batteries storing extra energy in case of a crisis.
  • Race against time – outages and malfunctions on Mars require quick responses, so continue to sharpen your skills in order to fix them in a flash.
  • An impressive garage – getting around the Red Planet on foot isn’t an especially enjoyable activity, so it’s best to use vehicles adapted to the planet’s surface – they can also be upgraded and modified, just like the quad with its storage crates or rocket engine. But the rover is the one which will be an integral part of your research work.

Occupy Mars: The Game is now available in Early Access on PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. If you are interested in playing the game, you can buy the game from your favorite store or if you just want to keep updated on future developments, you can add the game to your wishlist now and purchase it later as well.

What are your thoughts on Occupy Mars: The Game and will you be playing its early access release? Let us know in the comments section below.

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