Nvidia CEO: Ray Tracing Is The Next Generation, Adopted Worldwide

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Nvidia Ray Tracing might be seen as a gimmick right now keeping in mind how the feature was the main selling point of the RTX cards but Nvidia is still confident about the feature and claims that it is going to be adopted around the world.

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang talked about the feature and he mentioned that more than 100 RTX laptops are available on the market right now. Nvidia has actually beaten the predictions of analysts this time around. The following is what Huang had to say about Nvidia Ray Tracing adoption:

Adobe and Autodesk jumped on to RTX and that will bring ray tracing to their content and their tools. And so, I think at this point it’s fair to say that that ray tracing is the next generation and it’s going to be adopted all over the world.

Nvidia Ray Tracing

A few games to support the feature but Nvidia Ray Tracing does have a significant impact on performance. Huang talked about how different companies are adopting Nvidia Ray Tracing. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

Microsoft DXR is supporting ray tracing, Unity supports ray tracing, Epic is supporting ray tracing, leading publishers like EA have adopted RTX and support ray tracing, and movie studios, Pixar has adopted—announced that they’re using RTX and will use artifacts to accelerate their rendering of films.

The support might be there but the fact of the matter is that it is up to game developers to decide whether or not they are going to implement the feature. Games like Anthem support Nvidia features. Anthem did not have real-time ray tracing but it did support DLSS. The game has done so poorly that not many people have paid any attention to the feature.

I still think that Nvidia Ray Tracing is not going to be a mainstream feature this generation even if all games support it. The graphics cards are not powerful enough and most consumers are not going to spend $600+ on a graphics card that might not be of much value a few years from now.

Let us know what you think about Ray Tracing and whether or not you have checked out the feature yet.

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