Numskull Designs Announces New Jurassic Park TUBBZ Range

Jurassic Park TUBBZ

Numskull Designs have announced the release of the brand-new Jurassic Park film range for its TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks franchise. TUBBZ by Numskull Designs features ducks cosplaying as your favorite pop culture characters ranging from plenty of movies and video games and Numskull has released quite a large number of new TUBBZ this year alone expanding the roster of the cosplaying ducks.

The newest franchise to collab with Numskull Designs for TUBBZ is none other than Jurassic Park and the two new ducks coming into action are Dennis Nedry and John Hammond from the original 1993 release. Both Dennis Nedry and John Hammond are wearing their signature clothes with John Hammond wearing his hat, white suit with his walking cane and Dennis Nedry wearing his glasses, yellow Jurassic Park jacket over his suit and holding the notorious Shaving Gel can from the movie which was used for the smuggling of dinosaur DNA.

Both the new ducks are highly detailed and just a quick glance easily lets you know about their original identities. Both of them also come with their own packs as well with their own unique poses and colors. Check them out in action below:

Jurassic Park TUBBZ


John Hammond – the creator of “Jurassic Park” has earned his place in the duck pond.  He’s instantly recognizable with his signature straw hat, white shirt, glasses, beard, and walking stick.  We would know him anywhere – even as a duck.




Dennis Nedry – there’s no mistaking Dennis the Duck in his trademark black glasses, “Jurassic Park” uniform, plus security tag complete with his new duck face, and he’s carrying the Barbasol can – let’s hope he’s not sneaking any dinosaur embryos into the duck pond!




Pre-orders are now open for the new Jurassic Park TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks. If you are looking for more TUBBZ range, check out the recently released Gandalf and Boromir in the Lord of the Rings collection, Star Trek, Dark Souls, Resident Evil, Ghostbusters, Tekken,  Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Star TrekFriendsStar Trek, Back to the Future, God of WarMetal Gear Solid, Sonic, and many others such as the Bloodbath Range combining many horror franchises into one collection. Numskull also recently announced a competition where the winner would be transformed into a TUBBZ duck.

What do you think of the new Jurassic Park TUBBZ range from Numskull Designs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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