Numskull Designs Adds Dark Souls to its TUBBZ Range

Dark Souls TUBBZ

Numskull Designs has announced the launch of its new Dark Souls TUBBZ collection as part of a new partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. As part of the new partnership, two new characters will be joining the TUBBZ pond. From the world filled with colossal enemies and creatures, the two characters coming to the TUBBZ range include Oscar, Knight of Astora, and Solaire of Astora.

Both of them are detailed below:

Dark Souls TUBBZOscar, Knight of Astora – embodiment of all things heroic

Oscar’s is memorable to many fans, not just because of his iconic western armor, Astora’s Straight Sword and Crest Shield but also because he is the first character that is encountered in the Undead Asylum.

His appearance naturally reflects an outfit fitting for such a brave TUBBZ!


Solaire of Astora – Praise the Ducks!

Even as an Undead duck, the jovial Solaire of Astora is determined to complete his quest through the collapsing world of Lordran to find his very own sun.

Sporting his trademark Armour of the Sun and Iron Helm, Solaire of Astora enters the TUBBZ Duck Pond!



Check out the trailer showcasing the new Dark Souls TUBBZ below:

TUBBZ is one of the best product lines of Numskull Designs and Numskull has been expanding the range with a lot of new options in the game. Their previous releases include the Marshmallow scented Stay Puft, Lord of the Rings, Resident Evil, Ghostbusters, Tekken,  Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Star Wars, FriendsStar Trek, Back to the Future, God of WarMetal Gear Solid, Sonic, and many others such as the Bloodbath Range combining many horror franchises into one collection. Numskull also recently announced a competition where the winner would be transformed into a TUBBZ duck.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the new Dark Souls TUBBZ range of ducks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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