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The current-generation of video games might be much easier to play and finish however certain franchises still make us remember the early days of gaming when nearly all games required skills and dedication to finish and not many games were casual-gaming friendly back then. Nordic Warriors is one such game that is not really the one when it comes to making the game easy to play for the players and the new gameplay video proves this.

The developer of the game recently released a free demo for everyone to try out the game in anticipation of its release date next week and it turns out the game is not really easy to play. On harder difficulties, some of the players have even said that the game is impossible to play. However, Roma, Nordic Warriors programmer has released a gameplay video on the hardest difficulty of the game to show players what sort of skills will be required to push back the forces of Hel. Check it out below:

Key features of Nordic Warriors include:

  • Classic Myth-like Real Time Tactical action in a pre-medieval era battleground environment.
  • Master a variety of friendly units from Warriors wielding swords and axes, to Shield Maidens, Archers, explosive expert Alchemists, and even stranger allies.
  • Use mighty magic spells to blast or distract your foes, convert some enemies into friends, and attempt to survive the onslaught. Or die trying.
  • Battle across a variety of landscapes and take the fight beyond the gates of Hel itself.
  • Quest for lost artifacts, explore terrain crawling with the armies of evil, and work your way towards survival.
  • Use every feature of the landscape to gain an advantage against a sea of implacable foes.
  • 14 levels of mythic mayhem and desperate action.
  • Slaughter anyone or anything that comes by. Yes, even a deer or your friendly neighbor.
  • You can blow up some stuff. Have fun figuring out the deadliest chain reaction!

Nordic Warriors is all set to release on June 19, 2020, on PC via Steam.

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