No Superman Game or Any Announcement at The Game Awards, Says Rocksteady

no superman game

It has been long that there have been no Superman game, a proper one. Rocksteady Studios have remained quite absent since last couple of big shows this year. There have been speculations that they are working on a proper Superman game. They recently confirmed it is not a Superman game.

The Game Awards is happening December 6, 2018 and there were speculations that Rocksteady may show up there and announce their next project. Apparently, neither a Superman game nor any announcement from Rocksteady will make its way at TGA.

Rocksteady’s Founder Sefton Hill said, no Superman game nor any announcement of next project will be revealed at The Game Awards. This was announced officially in a tweet.

Rocksteady Stuido fans must be in a state of agony now. These speculations since years have let them believe that sooner or later they will get a proper Superman game, one that matches Batman Arkham Knight standards.

The tweet announcement totally breaks heart of millions of Superman, Batman and DC comics fans. This is just playing with their hearts, plain and simple.

There is also another speculations about a possible Marvel Avengers game in works. We do not know if that is really happening or it is another mere speculation. But, after this one gigantic heart break announcement by Rocksteady founder, fans of superhero genre will not take another sad news easily.

Rocksteady Studios are famously known by their work on Batman Arkham series. The company is also subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Their last game project was Batman Arkham VR for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows only.

If Rocksteady’s next project is not a Superman game, then what else will it be? Now it is clear that they are not working on a Superman game, this leaves the fans of the studio to speculate even more on what other project Rocksteady is up to since 2016.

Are you saddened to know that there will be no Superman game coming? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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