No Plans for Cross-play Confirms Bethesda and Psyonix – Fallout 76 and Rocket League

Bethesda and Psyonix

There are no plans for cross-play as confirmed by Bethesda and Psyonix. Marketing chief for Bethesda, Pete Hines, tweeted Wednesday that cross-play for the game is not the focus of the company for now. The tweet came a few hours after Sony announced cross-play between Ps4 and other consoles for Fortnite, with more games coming later with the feature.

Folks, chill. I work with a lot of devs and games for whom this is important going forward,” he said in response to eager fans on Twitter. “‘Fallout 76’ does not support crossplay, for a number of reasons. I have no idea if it ever will. But I assure you it is not on our radar right now as we focus on B.E.T.A. and launch.

In an earlier interview to Eurogamer, Hines gave his opinion about cross-play in Fallout 76, “Fallout 76, sure: it would be nice if I could play on my Xbox and my kid is playing on his PC and we can play together, but if we can’t, OK. There’s lots of games – I play Overwatch on Xbox and he plays on PC separately and has a whole separate account. It’s not critical.”

Meanwhile, Rocket League developer Psyonix also welcomed the news but has confirmed that they have no plans of cross-play features either for Rocket League. In a statement released by the president of Publishing Jeremy Dunham said,

We are really happy for the PlayStation and ‘Fortnite’ communities and think that this is a great step forward, We know that ‘Rocket League’ players and our own community want to know what this means for them as well, but we don’t have any updates at the moment. In the meantime, we recommend reaching out to PlayStation directly for any further comment.

Bethesda and Psyonix

While Sony’s announcement came in positive light, it will take some time for games to take advantage of cross-playing features. It is also too early for Sony to implement the feature for all games as it will probably take some time to test out the cross-play phase with beta tests going on for Fortnite.

Do you think Fallout 76 and Rocket League will enable cross-play in the future? Or has it been a little too late on Sony’s part? Let us know in the comments below.

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