No Man’s Sky ‘Visions’ Update Scheduled To Launch November 22


No Man’s Sky ‘Visions’ update is set to release tomorrow November 22, 2018. The update will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This was announced officially by Hello Games.

Hello Games released a trailer for their upcoming update. Check out the official video of the update here.

No Man’s Sky ‘Visions’ update will bring in following new features.

New Worlds

The ‘Visions’ update will bring in diversity of planet surfaces with millions of dead planets that will now have life. Players will now be able to find and collect mysterious artifacts scattered on planets. The collection will be more like mementos or they can display them as trophies in their planetary base.

Bizarre New Creatures

The ‘Visions’ update will also bring new and bizarre creatures to the game. Players will have strange encounters with the creatures when they explore the millions of new planets. The bizarre creatures come in many life forms. They can be predatory fauna and deadly flora including carnivorous trap plants. These bizarre creatures will be ready to trap travelers.

Global Community Missions

In No Man’s Sky ‘Visions’ update, there will be now community research missions that will allow players to share their progress. The progression can be done for individual as well as common goal. Players can now discover the vast ‘Vision’s universe together and unlock the Eye of the Korvax helmet. Players can also unlock new emotes and building parts that will be introduced in the update.

More to Discover and More Variety

The ‘Visions’ upgrade in No Man’s Sky will bring in more to discover and more variety in the game. The universe that has become alien will now be vibrant and exciting for players to explore in the new update. Developers have improved now atmosphere and skies and have added rainbows to the range of in-game weather effects, enabling more unique worlds.

Players can endure and survive in most extreme weather in No Man’s Sky. Players will be rewarded with previous crystal treasures that only light up in worst of storms.

For more on update, check out the official detailed information here.

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