No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update Brings Corrupted Worlds, New Ship, More

No Mans Sky Interceptor Update

Developer Hello Games has announced the release of the latest major update for No Man’s Sky called Interceptor. Interceptor brings tons of new additions to No Man’s Sky including Corrupted Worlds, new story missions, a brand-new ship class, Sentinel Jetpack, and a lot more. Ever since its release, Hello Games has been working on No Man’s Sky and the game has changed massively over the past few years. Interceptor is the latest update for the game and it brings tons of new content to the game.

You can check out the trailer for the new Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky below to see the new content in action before we dive deep into the details:

Starting with the very obvious one, the new Interceptor update brings a brand-new starship Sentinel Interceptor to the game. You can either hunt down your perfect Sentinel ship or if you prefer, you can collect a whole range of procedurally-generated Interceptors and fly whatever you fancy. As part of the new update, System authority ships now appear in hundreds of procedurally generated variations. You will find these with dramatically diversified silhouettes and styles. You can now also jump inside the cockpits of these Interceptors and operate and interact with them from the inside.

The update also brings Corrupted Planets where you will find entire planets corrupted by the darkness. This darkness started from the Sentinel horde and now entire planets are getting infected with it. These corrupted planets have huge, strange crystals sprouting from the earth and their robot guardians twisted into bizarre new forms. You will be able to land on these corrupted planets and explore these worlds to find new buildings, crashed interceptors, and secret equipment among many other things.

No Man's Sky Interceptor Update

On these planets, the Sentinels have been warped beyond recognition due to the strange power flowing through the corrupted worlds. As you explore these planets, you will find colossal semi-arachnid machines stalking these worlds that are ready to pounce on unwary Travelers. They are equipped with devastating flamethrowers and long-distance explosives so you will need to tackle them carefully if you decide to fight them. These are only found on the corrupted planets so if you are landing on a normal planet, you should be fine.

If you decide to explore these corrupted planets, you will be able to farm new materials and from those materials, you can craft a brand-new Aeron Turbojet. If you manage to uncover plans for unique Sentinel jetpack customization, you will be able to craft yours with high-tech engines precooled by a constant flow of pugneum and nitrogen. While exploring these corrupted planets, you will also find crashed Interceptors. If you manage to find one, you will get a new mission to install a pilot interface in it and add it to your fleet. The update also adds new items, new Nexus missions, tools, enemy tools, and more to the game.

No Man's Sky Interceptor Update

The update also brings improved Sentinel quadruped combat units that now have improved animations and intelligent pathfinding which greatly improves their mobility and agility. The previous No Man’s Sky update brought many additions to the VR version of the game and this latest update brings further improvements. Wrist Projectors can now be grabbed and moved around to give you full custom control over their position. You can reattach the wrist projectors to any location around your hand or Multi-Tool. This is applicable on Steam VR, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation VR2.

For additional details on the new Interceptor update, you can check out the official blog post. The previous update for No Man’s Sky was called Fractal and it arrived back in February 2023. No Man’s Sky is now available on PC via Steam and along with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. The new Interceptor Update is now live across all platforms.

What are your thoughts on the new Interceptor Update for No Man’s Sky and will you be jumping back into the game to try it out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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