Nioh 2 A Way Out Kodama Locations Guide – Where to Find

Nioh 2 A Way Out Kodama Locations Guide

This Nioh 2 A Way Out Kodama Locations Guide will show you where you can find all the Kodama in this area of the game. The Kodama are special items that will give you more Elixirs as the Kodama reaches the Shrines in the area.

Our guide will show you all the locations where you can find the Kodama. While some Kodama can be found easily when passing through the main story path, some are hidden in secret paths or out of sight.

Nioh 2 A Way Out Kodama Locations Guide

Below we have detailed all the Kodama locations.

Kodama #1

This first Kodama is near a small house a little further up the path from the shrine. The house will have a large tree to it left, and behind it is the Kodama. In order to get behind, you have to go right and then to the path that leads just above the house. Carefully jump in the small space behind the house and collect the Kodama from the base of the tree.

Kodama #2

For this Kodama, you have to go to the area with the lights. it is better to fight off the enemies here and clear out the area first. Now go to the wooden ramp and drop down instead of going left. The Kodama will be down here.

Kodama #3

In the area with the first spot light, you can find a Kodama right outside one of the houses hiding inside a pot. Break it open to get it.

Kodama #4

From the second shrine in this level, go to the wooden platform path and head straight. Now turn right and then jump down to the normal path below. Look up and you will find a large tree that you can climb up by going to the path that leads to it. The candles ahead will indicate the path to the tree.

Kodama #5

In the second area with the lights, you will again have to fight off enemies to clear out the areas. The Kodama will be in the corner near the rock wall.

Kodama #6

This Kodama is in the same area, in the location where there is a ramp type wooden bridge. Instead of going to the bridge, turn around and go to the path that takes you around the wooden platform, and to a shrine. The Kodama will be below the stairs, almost hiding under the building.

Kodama #7

The last Kodama in this level is just before the boss area, where it will be inside one of the houses on the right.

Other Kodama Locations:

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