Nintendo Switch Update 6.00 Live, Marks the End of Free Online

Nintendo Switch Online Free

The much-anticipated update 6.00 for Nintendo Switch consoles is finally here and with it comes the premium online service. This means that free online for Nintendo Switch is now over and players must purchase the Nintendo Switch Online service to access online multiplayer.

The update is now live for all players around the world and they will be required to update their consoles before connecting to online services. The updated size is a mediocre 300MB so it can be updated very quickly.

This update not only brings an update for the Nintendo Switch console but also an update for the Joy-Con controllers. This means that you will need to connect the controllers with the console to update them as well.

The most highlighted feature of this update is the Nintendo Switch Online service, which marks the end of free online on the console. Players willing to play online now must purchase the Switch Online service for $20 before they can be allowed to join multiplayer.

Another notable feature of this update is the Cloud Saving feature. Player saves will now be uploaded to the cloud for select games, which ensures that save files are not deleted while game data is removed from the system. However, players need to keep in mind that if they fail to renew their service in time, all data in cloud will be wiped.

In addition, game sharing is finally here on Nintendo Switch as well. To use this feature, you can link your main account to a primary console and then link it to other systems are a non-primary systems which will allow the games purchased from the main account to any of the systems to which the account is linked.

Players purchasing the Switch Online service will also get instant access to 20 NES games, which have been specially, worked on to make them compatible for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo will also give out new NES games every month to increase the subscribers’ library of playable NES games.

Apart from these major features and updates, many small features have also arrived with this update such as different changes to keyboard layout and the ability to upload four pictures at the same time to your social media accounts.

Let us know about what you think about Nintendo’s new premium Online service and will you be buying it for your consoles?

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