After Sony, Nintendo Might Be Considering Microsoft Azure Cloud as Well

Nintendo Microsoft Azure

Last week, we got to know about the surprise partnership between Sony and Microsoft for using Microsoft Azure cloud tech and now it seems Nintendo might be planning on the same as well. According to a report, Nintendo is building its own streaming service which is based on Microsoft Azure’s tech.

This was revealed by industry analyst David Gibson who stated that Microsoft is not only stopping with Sony and Nintendo are also jumping on the Azure bandwagon for its cloud streaming service. According to David Gibson:

Nintendo itself is looking also to work with MSFT (Azure) to offer its own streaming service in limited regions (JP, US etc)

In his tweets, David also states that currently there are two options for companies to opt for when they want cloud streaming service. One is Amazon’s AWS while the other one is Microsoft’s Azure and we all know that Azure is a more tried and tested option. Sony despite being a big company, does not have its own cloud infrastructure.

So the natural selection here is Microsoft Azure for both Sony and Nintendo as Azure has been known for its powerful cloud capabilities while AWS is not as better known as Azure. In their announcement, Sony stated that they will be using Azure for cloud gaming and AI. The main projects to benefit from this partnership are Project xCloud and PlayStation Now.

Reportedly, PS5 will also come with streaming features so it seems okay that Sony wants to bolster its cloud streaming service before the next-gen console is released in the market. Microsoft boasts a very strong position when it comes to cloud and AI and Sony can certainly take advantage of their tech to improve their own platforms in many different ways.

Let us know what you think about Nintendo jumping on Microsoft Azure as well after Sony. Would you like a video game streaming service from Nintendo as well? Feel free to use the comments section below.

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