Nintendo Adding Three More Classic Games to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has released a new trailer regarding three new classic games which are coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers next week. These new games include TwinBee, Metroid and Mighty Bomb Jack.

Check out the official release trailer below.

With these three new games, the total number of Classic NES games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will increase from 23 to 26. These free NES games are part of the Online exclusive benefits and Nintendo is regularly adding new games to this service. These three titles will arrive for all Online subscribers next week on November 14.

Coming to the Games, the three game are NES Classics and have enjoyed very decent reception back when they were launched on the original NES console except Mighty Bomb Jack. The game taking the lead here is Metroid which was originally launched back in 1988 on NES and Gameboy Advance. TwinBee was originally launched as an arcade game in 1985 while Mighty Bomb Jack was released in 1986.

In Metroid, players will play as Samus Aran who sets on a journey to retrieve the parasitic Metroid organisms which were stolen by Space Pirates. The Space Pirates want to expose these Metroids to beta rays, transform them into biological weapons and use them against Samus and all other forces who oppose them. It is upto Samus to save the galaxy.

In TwinBee, one or two players can join forces in a cartoon-themed vertical shooting game in which both players must destroy enemies with their tiny space ships. Players will use guns and bombs for doing so and they can upgrade their weapons by picking up different upgrade bells which are dropped by destroyed enemies. Certain other pickups are also available at their disposal.

The last title coming next week is Mighty Bomb Jack. In this game, players play as Jack who must clear 16 levels inside a pyramid to defeat the demon Belzebut and rescue the royal Pamera family held captive by the demon. Each level in the game consists of an action zone and a Royal Palace room. Players will use bombs and other power ups to clear the levels and find treasure as well while doing so.

Which game are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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