NG23 Spring: First Speakers Revealed For The Upcoming Nordic Game Show

Nordic Game Conference 2023 Speakers

Nordic Game has revealed the first speakers in the conference for the upcoming NG23 Spring show taking place in May 2023. NG23 Spring is taking place from May 23 to 26, 2023, online as well as on-stage at Slagthuset in Malmo, Sweden. Tickets are now available online and if you are interested in visiting the upcoming show, you can secure your tickets right now. The three new speakers revealed from the first roster of NG24 Spring include Bergur Finnbogason, Clara Sia, Tomas Sala.

Bergur Finnbogason, CCP (Iceland) is the creative director of EVE Online and he will be on-stage in the theatre at Slagthuset with a talk about the 20-year history of the world’s most legendary sci-fi sandbox MMO, EVE Online. Entitled ‘The Unexpected Turns That Led to a Titan: EVE Online’, the conference will go over the proud history of the Nordic games industry and the fantastic journey of an Icelandic game studio giant that has a significant impact on the video game industry worldwide.

Next up is Clara Sia, Devolver Digital (USA). She manages influencer strategy and relations to help elevate the reach of Devolver’s published games before a global audience through a holistic approach. She is also involved in reviewing game pitches and also does independent consultations for developers. At NG23 Spring, she will meet with the yet-to-be-announced Nordic lead for a conversation about how to optimize your work with influencers. The details about Clara’s partner will be revealed soon.

Finally, we have Tomas Sala from the Netherlands. He is the creator of the BAFTA-nominated title The Falconeer and he is very passionate about games as art. At NG23 Spring, he will be talking about AI and art in the session titled ‘Breaking the prison, how art will save you! (from your AI overlords and yourself)’. This session will be ‘a journey into artistic evolution and signature. Taking note of the power of creative meanderings and unconstrained exploration, as well as rigid creative limitations to be both free and productive. And hopefully a stump for how our signatures as artists are the untapped resources we need in an industry hellbent on disregarding them’.

Apart from these three, different other speakers will also be present at the NG23 Spring such as Mariina Hallikainen (Colossal Order), Carolina Mastretta (Original Fire Games), Hugo Obi (Maliyo Games), Shannon and Jared Gerritzen (Illfonic), AI specialists Christoffer Holmgård ( and Fredrik Präntare (Pugstorm), as well as Nordic Game legend/mascot/genius Ste Curran. These are just some of the speakers who will be holding sessions at the upcoming event. Additional speakers will be present at the event as well however they will be revealed in the coming weeks. You can register yourself and get your passes right now from the official website of the event.

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