Next Major Update for Truck Driver Arriving in May 2020

Truck Driver PS5

Ever since its release last year in September, Truck Driver has been receiving updates and new features. SOEDESCO has been working hard to make the game better in every aspect while keeping the fan feedback in check. This is evident in the fact that SOEDESCO teamed up with Kokku who is now working on Truck Driver in making it even better for players by adding tons of new features to the game. SOEDESCO has just announced that Truck Driver is about to receive its biggest update yet in May 2020.

This new update has been in the pipelines for quite some time and SOEDESCO was keeping us in the loop on all of the new features which are coming to the game in this grand upgrade. One of the most prominent upgrades coming to Truck Driver in this new update is the new Unity Engine Upgrade which will make adding new features to the game much easier in the future. Currently, the game is running on version 2017.4 and the new patch will upgrade this to version 2019.2. This will ensure that the game has smoother frame rates and fewer stutters.

The other major improvement coming to the game in the upcoming update is the brand new AI system. The new AI system will add significant improvements to AI vehicles and pedestrian AI. This will result in more realistic AI behaviors such as pedestrians reacting to traffic and crossing roads. Kokku will continue to fine-tune this new AI system in the future to make it even more realistic. SOEDESCO has released a brand new video detailing the upcoming patch as well. Check it out below:

With the new update, players will also have additional features such as two new purchasable garages, a force feedback sensitivity slider, several UI improvements, and some other smaller quality of life features and fixes. Most of these improvements and fixes have already been announced by SOEDESCO in their earlier development update videos. SOEDESCO has not yet given a confirmed release date for this major update of Truck Driver however it will arrive in May 2020.

Are you looking forward to jumping back in Truck Driver with the new major update incoming? Let us know in the comments section below.

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