Amazon Talks about Character Progression in its MMORPG Title New World

New World

In a detailed post for its MMORPG title New World, Amazon has released the game’s character progression information, and how it will work the game. Surviving the many challenges of the game will require you to learn the abilities and skills to venture forward.

The character progression in New World has three major categories, which are Core Attributes, Trade Skills, and Weapon Mastery. The Core Attributes play a bigger role as it will define how strong you are against creatures or other players in Aeternum.

You will arrive to Aeternum battered and weak, but by venturing into this daunting and supernatural land you will find your power and forge your destiny. You will learn by doing, harden through combat, and become as dangerous as the forces you will face. How will you choose to grow in power and knowledge as you adventure in Aeternum?

A players’ Core Attributes are further divided into five categories that are Strenght, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. These can be upgraded with Attribute Points whenever your character levels up. Further details about each of the core attributes are mentioned in the post that you can check out.

The Trade Skills are made up of a variety of non-combat skills that you can master. There are 4 Gathering Skills, 5 Refining Skills, and 7 Crafting Skills that can be mastered. If not pretty obvious, these skills help you master tasks such as gathering resources, refining them, and having the mastering ability to craft the items from the resources.

Lastly, Weapon Mastery involves your character gaining enough XP through combat and mastering a weapon. Every weapon in the game can be mastered, and each weapon has 2 Skill Trees with multiple active abilities, passive modifiers, and bonuses that are exclusive to the weapon. Leveling p in a Weapon Master grants a point that can be spent to unlock either of these bonuses.

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