New Trailer for Return of the Obra Dinn Released – Game Launches in Autumn

Return of the Obra Dinn Consoles

A new trailer for Return of the Obra Dinn was just released from the creator of Papers, Please; Lucas Pope. The trailer delved into the stylized visuals and providing deeper hints at the story inside this nautical mystery. The game is expected to be released this autumn.

The trailer shows a minimal color just like the description of the video states. The game is not completely black and white; however the developer was really serious on minimalistic art style that was used in the game. For example, you can see stars in the night, but really they are just dots in the vast black sky. The minimal design provides a very ominous feeling that gets you more intrigued.

The plot is set in 1807 and the Obra Dinn is the name of the ghost ship in the game that has docked back to port with all of its crew dead. You are an insurance adjuster in the game and as a player, your task is to go abroad and work out how the crew’s demise so that the families of the victims can receive their owed salaries.

The gameplay of the game appears to be a narrative puzzle, with the player experiencing flashback sequences to progress through locked doors onboard the ship. The visuals look to be distinctive to its throwback look reminiscent of the monochrome graphics adapters of the early PC era. Despite the game looking retro, Return of the Obra Dinn is rendered in 3D, which makes you explore the ship and gathering clues from a first person perspective.

Return of the Obra Dinn

The idea of the gameplay structure is to find clues, and assemble a narrative of what happened on the board the ship, eventually drawing to a conclusion and accounting what led the ship and its crew to disaster.

The Return of the Obra Dinn does not have a released date as of yet, other than coming soon. The game however, is expected to be coming out sometime this autumn for PC and Mac users.

What do you think of this indie game? Is Return of the Obra Dinn going to live up to the hype created by Papers, Please? Let us know in the comments below

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