New SNK Game in Works, SNK Adds Countdown For September 10

SNK adds countdown counter on its official website indicating that a new game is in works. No name or any information is mentioned so far, however ‘A New Dawn Rises…’ message is left below the countdown. Even the page URL says snknewgame.

The countdown will reveal further information on September 10. The previous history of SNK has mostly been classic fighting games and the NEO Geo collection.

SNK is mostly known for 2D classic fighting games, King of Fighters and Fatal Fury are few well known famous games. I personally have grown up playing King of Fighters series and Fatal Fury on original PlayStation. SNK is well know for such legendary projects since last two decades or so.


SNK’s recent project is also another fighting game, Heroines Tag Team Frenzy. The game features few select characters that appeared in previous SNK titles. Few of them are Terry Bogard, Leona, Athena and more.

In another news, Sega confirmed that Valkyria Chronicles will come to Western regions. Initially, the was slated for Japan region only. The game will now come on October 16, 2018 on Nintendo Switch Western regions. Previously, the game also launched on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Valkyria Chronicles on Nintendo Switch will release in digital version only for $20 from the eShop. Users can get 25 percent discount only if they buy four copies of it.

Valkyria Chronicles is a military theme based Role playing game which is published by SEGA and created by Shuntaro Tanaka and Ryutaro Nonaka. The game series later adopted its story telling in anime and manga.

What do you think about countdown announcement? Is SNK going after another fighting game with modern graphics setting? Or is it any other game like metal slug? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.


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