New Just Cause 4 Gameplay Video – 20 Minutes of Free Roaming Gameplay

Just Cause 4

Avalanche studios Just Cause 4 is releasing December 4, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Here is another video showcasing freeroam, gliding, shooting and basically turning anything or everything into fun in Just Cause 4 20 minutes of gameplay video.

People at Avalanche Studios are busy right now also with Generation Zero. Back at Gamescom a new gameplay video of Generation Zero was shown. Generation Zero is an upcoming open world action title by Avalanche Studios. The setting of the gameplay shows an 80s style world overrun with hostile and intelligent robots.

This first person shooter is set in an abandoned world where four friends have to explore the Swedish islands after their boat is attacked. The attack leaves them stranded in a place where the people have all vanished, but is filled with hostile robots.

The city itself looks deserted, with empty houses, fields and abandoned vehicles. The huge robots named by the developers are known as “Tanks”. These robots come in a variety of shapes ranging from a dog like robot, drone robots, robots that leap like frogs, and right at the end of the gameplay we are shown giant robots as well. The game also comes with dynamic weather settings where we can see heavy rainfall.

The gameplay is a co-op shooter where you have to survive and find resources and supplies in abandoned houses and cars. This will be necessary as after a combat situation you might need health items and ammo for weapons.

Another neat feature is that the game remembers the health that remains of an enemy after you have attacked it. The health bar of an enemy robot stays the same even if you encounter the same robot after weeks of gameplay.

The release date for Generation Zero is unconfirmed but is expected to be launched sometime in 2019. It will be available at a cost of $35 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Additionally, a beta will be coming down the line that you can apply for at the Generation Zero website.

For Generation Zero Gamescome trailer, check here.

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