Challenge Yourself to New Heights During the Steam Sports Fest

Challenge Yourself to New Heights During the Steam Sports Fest

Developer Wikkl Works has announced the demo release of its upcoming climbing and bouldering simulator New Heights. The demo is currently live on Steam as part of the new Steam Sports Fest and will remain live until May 19, 2023. In New Heights, you will experience the thrill of climbing from the comfort of your PCs as you ascend higher and higher onto real-life cliffs and structures. You will get to master the moves, climb at incredible locations, and feel the adrenaline rush as you reach the very top.

To make New Heights as realistic as possible, the developers have used photogrammetry technology to scan real-world locations and transfer them into the game for players to enjoy. This means that in the future, players will be able to climb structures that they have only dreamed of. To climb these real-world locations, you will need to master balance, grip, positioning, and more in order to expertly scale the many locations to be featured in the game.

Challenge Yourself to New Heights During the Steam Sports Fest

These realistic mechanics make it so that the players actually feel the struggle and the importance of focus and concentration as they climb, just like they would if they were really there in the action. By progressing in the game, you will be able to elevate the skills of your character along with unlocking additional gear. Practice makes perfect in the game, and the more you climb in the game, the more of an expert you will become. Keep climbing and you will eventually become a professional climber and take on other players in the community to see who can reach the highest spots on the leaderboards.

Key features of New Heights include:

  • Real-world locations: New Heights features real-world locations scanned via drone and transferred directly into the game.
  • Realistic mechanics: Feel like you’re really mastering the art of climbing as you practice finding the right grip, balance and more while you traverse each structure.
  • Become a professional: Level up your character and unlock new gear the more you progress.
  • Rise in the leaderboards: After you master climbing on your own, take to the leaderboards and see if you can rise above the rest.
  • Climb off-limits structures: Visit and climb locations that you aren’t allowed to in real life and experience the thrill that no one else has!

New Heights is slated for an early access release later this year and a free demo is available right now on PC via Steam. The demo will remain live until May 19, 2023, however, if you are interested in the game, you can add it to your wishlist right now.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you would be interested in playing New Heights during the ongoing Steam Sports Fest or not.

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