New Gameplay Trailer For Spelunky 2 Released – New Characters, Release Date

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is the upcoming sequel to the roguelike platformer Spelunky. In this sequel by developer Mossmouth Studios, the events follow after the story of the original game. The gameplay trailer for Spelunky 2 has given us more information about the gameplay and the release window.

Spelunky 2 – Gameplay

In Spelunky 2, a new hero Ana Spelunky will journey through caves, planets, tombs with a group of new character friends. The gameplay trailer also shows the online multiplayer aspect of the game where players are given the option to select colorful characters to explore and hunt treasure.

Spelunky 2

According to the creator Derek Yu, in an interview over at the SIEA blog post, the game is an extension of the previous title, but it will have one major change from its predecessor. This change is that each level will have a second layer that will enable players to go back and forth between each one. There will be a safe path to the level exit, but the second layer provides a more interesting twist to the randomized levels.

The developers have also added liquid physics that enhance the gameplay. When combined with destructible terrain, you get to deal with things like dynamic water and lava falls that you have to escape.

In the interview, Derek Yu also added, “I’m still very much thinking about new players, though. But my philosophy has always been to attract new players by making the world more interesting and inviting instead of focusing on tutorials and things like that. Spelunky is still Spelunky and it will be very challenging – my hope is that new players will want to persevere because we made the effort worth it. Spelunky 2 will have very strong themes of family and friendship and I want new players to feel cared for even as we put tough obstacles in their way.”

Spelunky 2 – Release Date

Spelunky 2 is scheduled to be released sometime next year in 2019. The gameplay trailer only lists Playstation 4 as a platform for the game, but the game is expected to come for PC as well.

It is worth noting that the original Spelunky was released for the Xbox 360, so we can only hope that Spelunky 2 will be added to Xbox One sometime after its initial release.

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