A New Earthworm Jim Game is Under Development for a New Console

New Earthworm Jim

A new Earthworm Jim game is under development however it is coming out for a brand new console which is not yet known too well. If you remember last October, we reported that the company Intellivision is developing a brand new console called Amico. The new Earthworm Jim is being developed exclusively for Intellivision Amico.

The console might be new and untested at this point but the good news about the game is that it is being developed by a team of developers which worked on the original Earthworm Jim series. This is not the first time Intellivision is releasing a console in the market however they took a long break from the market and are now returning back to the console market.

The console is planned to come out next year in October so naturally, the new Earthworm Jim will also come out with the Amico. Tommy Tallarico who is the CEO and president of Intellivision Entertainment shared a press release with Variety in which he said:

We have been talking about this moment for many years, it’s a dream come true to finally get the entire team back together. We’re looking forward to sharing a small part of our reunion and initial design meeting with fans from around the world. Intellivision Amico is designed to bring friends and families together and we are excited for fans and those just being introduced to the series to get a first look as we kick-off the design of the game.

Tommy also worked as a composer for Earthworm Jim 1 and Earthworm Jim 2 so we know that the game is in safe hands. Along with him, members working on Earthworm Jim 3 from the original team include Tom Tanaka, Joey Kuras, Mike Dietz, Nick Bruty, Doug TenNapel, and David Perry. The whole team is from the classic Earthworm Jim titles so the game is in the hands of people who know exactly what the game is all about.

More details will be released in a streaming event which will be held on May 4, 2019, where the first design meeting with the original team will also take place. Apart from information, the developers will also give out some exclusive merchandise to select viewers during the stream. If you want to know more about the Intellivision Amico, check out our original news feature.

Are you looking forward to trying the Intellivision Amico or Earthworm Jim 3? Let us know in the comments section below.


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