New Crackdown 3 Update Adds WingSuit, Airstrikes, More to the Game

Crackdown 3 Wingsuit

Sumo Digital has released a brand new update for Crackdown 3 called Flying High Update and it adds WingSuit along with many other cool toys for you in the game. The wacky, open-world of Crackdown 3 was amazing and one of the things that were missing from the game was a flying suit and it seems like the developers have finally added it in the game as well. The Flying High Update is free for all players and is now live for the game.

The major addition of the Flying High Update for Crackdown 3 is obviously the Wingsuit. The Agency Wingsuit will allow players to fly around the map at their will and also take part in special flying checkpoint races which will test who is the fastest flying agent in the game. Wingsuit will add a brand new experience to the game as players will now be able to fly in attack and run away quickly.

Apart from these new events, the Wingsuit will also allow players to explore the world more easily and take advantage of the increased maneuverability during combat scenarios. Check out the trailer of the new update below.

The Flying High Update also brings with it some brand new weapons and moves that will allow you to kill your enemies more effectively. New Elemental attacks have been added to the game. Along with them, players now have the ability to ‘Call in Militia’. Drop the beacon and it will call some Militia guys to help you in combat. A brand new weapon Clusterduck Grenade has also arrived in the game which appears to be really powerful. It literally drops a large number of powerful grenades on your enemies.

After the Wingsuit, the thing that I am most looking forward to is the Airstrike ability. You can drop a flare on the ground and it will highlight a specific area. Give it a little time and that area will get a volley of shells destroying everything there. It looks like a major damage dealer and will certainly come in handy wiping out large groups of enemies.

The Flying High Update is free for everyone and is now available. While you are at it, make sure to check out some of our Crackdown 3 guides that will certainly help you in playing the game.

Are you still playing Crackdown 3? If not, will you be jumping back in the game to try out the new update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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