Bend Steel and Burn Rubber in New Monster Truck Simulator Monster Truck Championship

Review: Monster Truck Championship

NACON and TEYON have announced their brand new monster truck simulation game Monster Truck Championship in which you get to drive the biggest trucks known to man and try to tame them at the same time. Monster Truck Championship is slated for release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Autumn 2020.

The brand new title is a very unique simulation game where you climb abroad a giant truck and take part in various competitions in large arenas and open-areas. The game introduces brand new simulation physics into play which will ensure that driving these four-wheeled behemoths is not just as simple as pressing down the accelerator pedal. To land the biggest stunts and drive these monster trucks, you will be required to master the new vehicle physics.

The game will try to duplicate the simulation of the monster truck sport and will allow players to experience the rawest form in the sport by adding tough and realistic monster truck driving physics. Something that only drivers experience while driving monster trucks in real-life. The game will feature 25 circuits based in different cities across the USA and will also ship with multiple game modes.

These game modes will include freestyle, race, destruction, time attack and an online mode where up to eight players will be able to duke it out against each other. Players will have 18 completely customizable vehicles to drive in the game. The customizations will allow players to improve their machine’s acceleration, top speed, suspension travel, tires and much more. Combined together, players will have around 50 different elements to create their trucks opting for performance and style.

The game will also feature a detailed career mode where you will take part in different tournaments and win money to upgrade your truck. Apart from racing, you will also manage your team and finances as you battle with other teams to take home the ultimate prize of the Professional League Champion at the Monster Truck Finals. The developer has added multiple features in the game to make it as immersive as possible.

Players will find crowds cheering on them during the matches and realistic throbbing engines and collision damage. The game will also reproduce all the unique demands of mastering these powerful trucks such as managing both the front and rear wheel management, mass transfer anticipation in bends and predicting the levels of bounce after different jumps. If you are a fan of monster trucks or simply motorsport simulation games, then you will find the game to be up your alley.

Will you consider playing Monster Truck Championship when it launches later this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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