N64 Mini is Really Happening, Could Launch in 2019

N64 Mini

It looks like that after the trend of game ports and remasters, the latest trend set up by Nintendo is the Mini or Classic Consoles, which means that newer, smaller and updated versions of old, classic consoles are now making headlines in the market.

Nintendo started the trend by first launching the NES Mini and then later launched SNES Mini. Sony recently revealed that they are launching their PlayStation Classic console, which is like a mini PS One console with 20 built-in games and HDM support. Sega is launching its Mega Drive Mini next year.

Recently it was reported that Nintendo is planning to bring its N64 console back to life with a similar Mini formula and it looks like these news were correct. Recently Nintendo got the approval for a N64 controller trademark, which is also marked as a ‘goods and services trademark’ which shows that a console is in the making.

N64 Mini

However, there has been no official word on this by Nintendo so far. The trademark was approved recently so we can hope that Nintendo releases some sort of official confirmation on this in the near future.

Since no official word has been released about the console altogether so it is natural that we do not know about its release date as well. However, if you check Nintendo’s schedule of launching the previous Mini consoles, you can see a pattern that both consoles were launched before the holiday season and they were announced at least four months before launch.

Considering the fact that the holiday season of this year is only two months away, a 2018 release date for N64 is unlikely. In such case, we can speculate that Nintendo plans to release the N64 Mini in 2019 however; we can only confirm this once Nintendo makes an official announcement.

Keep checking back for more information as we will keep you updated on the status of N64 Mini.

Let us know about what do you think of the new trend of Classic or Mini consoles and are you excited to purchase the next batch of Mini/Classic consoles coming in the future?

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