Mother Russia Bleeds Coming to Nintendo Switch Except New Zealand & Australia

Mother Russia Bleeds

Devolver Digital is bringing Mother Russia Bleeds to Nintendo Switch in all regions except New Zealand and Australia. The main reason behind the game not coming to New Zealand and Australia is the depiction of violence and drug use references in the game.

It was announced by Devolver Digital on their official Tweet account when they announced the arrival of Mother Russia Bleeds on Nintendo Switch and informed the fans about the game not coming to New Zealand and Australia at the same time. The game failed to meet the local Classification Board due to the violence and drug references.

This is not the first time that games have been banned for being too violent or having certain elements relating to sexual themes or drug use leading to their ban in specific countries. To cater to such markets, developers either launch special tailored games in which they edit out or tone down such elements in the game.

In other scenarios, the developers just skip that specific market which looks like the case with Mother Russia Bleeds and Devolver Digital. Instead of creating a lighter, less violent version of the game, Devolver Digital has announced that the game is not coming to New Zealand and Australia.

You can check out the release trailer of the game below and check that the game is pretty violent and we can understand why the game won’t be allowed there. It is also reported that the game has not been officially banned as of yet and developers are just being careful with it. The game may eventually make its way to the market in the future.

This is not the first game by Devolver Digital not to come in Australia. Before that, Hotline Miami 2 was banned back in 2015 for having sexual violence in the game. We understand why Devolver Digital is being careful with Mother Russia Bleeds.

Mother Russia Bleeds is slated for launch on November 15th on Nintendo Switch eShop.

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