More Staff Reportedly Laid Off by Telltale Games Says Former Narrative Designer

Laid Off by Telltale Games

Last month Telltale Games shockingly announced that they were closing their studio while laying off a massive number of its employees, leaving behind a few worker as a skeleton group to finish the company’s last obligations. However, it now seems that more staff has been reportedly laid off by Telltale Games.

Former narrative designer Rachel Noel gave some news on Twitter where she wrote, “Heeeeyyyy remember how there was going to be a skeleton crew staying on for a while and I was a part of it? Nah, jk, we all just got laid off, too.”

In a series of tweets, Rachel went on to saying about the mismanagement of Telltale had been going on for a while now, adding to over time working hours put onto its employees, “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. 80-hour crunch weeks. Mismanagement of some of the industry’s top talent. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”

The last of the few employees were kept behind to finish off Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix that Telltale Games were obligated to. But the recent layoffs do not bode well to the project as it seems to have been abandoned just like the final episodes of The Walking Dead Series.

Meanwhile, Telltale Games had also recently said that they were looking for potential partners to finish off The Walking Dead series. The series had a planned 2 episodes remaining that were to release before the end of this year, though they were cancelled after the closure of the studio.

Kotaku in a previous report said that Telltale was also working to put together a deal that would see an outside company enlist laid-off Telltale developers to complete the last two episode of the game.

Some hopeful news came from Comic-Con yesterday when a fan asked Robert Kirkman during a Q&A session if he will be writing Clementine into the comics to resolve her story and pick up the slack left by the unfinished story. In response, the writer did not commit to it but implied that the story can be finished in other ways.

“Stay tuned,” said Robert Kirkman. “Everyone involved is trying to make sure Clementine’s story is told. I’m not concerned at the moment with telling that story in the comics.”

We still have to wait and see what the developing stories will bring for the future of The Walking Dead series, as well as the news of the remaining laid off employees.

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