More News On MediEvil Coming Soon – Shawn Layden Will Announce

MediEvil is a series of three game that initially released exclusively on PlayStation consoles. The first game of the series released way back in 1998. MediEvil 2 released later on in 2000 and MediEvil: Resurrection later released in 2005 on PlayStation Portabale.

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Back in 2017 at PlayStation Experience PSX, a teaser trailer was shown. The trailer did not cover much but it gave us the idea that there maybe a remaster version is in works. Check out the trailer here if you did not watch it back then.

In recent light of events, PlayStation Social media director Sid Shuman said that more update on MediEvil will come in an week or two. This was share officially on PlayStation Blogcast.

Sid Shuman further said:

I have it on excellent authority that one [Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios chairman] Shawn Layden is going to be stopping back on the show in the next week or two … He’s very excited to give everybody a big update on Medievil

We do not know any more details on MediEvil remaster version of the game except that the game will come out in 4K resolution, all remastered to the top. Further details will be disclosed later.

Shawn Layden, couple of weeks ago also announced that this year, there will not be a PlayStation Experience PSX event.

Since last couple of years, Sony stages PlayStation Experience event after Halloween. The PSX event is also a second E3 for PlayStation fans. Interestingly, Sony has revealed a lot of good content in last couple of PSX events. It is sad to know they are completely missing out this year.

This can turn out to be a good for Sony and fans. Last year PSX, people put up very high expectations and when Sony staged the PSX event, it was not received well from fans. Shawn Layden also says the same for this year. He says we have showcased good amount of content already in this year.

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MediEvil Source: ResetEra


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