Monster Hunter: World Becomes Capcom’s Best Selling Game, 12 Million Copies Sold

Monster Hunter: World

Capcom recently revealed that Monster Hunter: World has become its best selling game of all time, by selling 12 million copies since launch. The game has been relevant all this time thanks to the never-ending stream of weekly challenges, seasonal events and crossover DLC featuring characters coming from The Witcher, Street Fighter and Devil May Cry.

Capcom had called both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game a “phenomenal success,” adding that the game has maintained the popularity, and performed solidly to boost profits.

To put the number into perspective, both Capcom’s recent titles like Resident Evil 2 Remake sold 4 million units, and Devil May Cry 5 has sold 2 million units. Both of these titles are considered very successful Capcom Games.

In addition, Capcom has also planned a Spring Update reveal live stream for Monster Hunter: World today, May 9. The stream is set to feature information straight from Capcom’s development team working on the title. So it seems that it will be quite comprehensive.

Capcom has not given more details aside from these, or what is to be included in the live stream. However, Ryozo Tsujimoto who is the producer of Monster Hunter World will be the special guest of the stream. This could be mean that something of significance could be revealed, though we have no idea if they focus is to just stick with the Spring Update or something else.

Last time Capcom held an event like this, we got to see the first glimpse of the game’s upcoming massive expansion called Iceborn. This expansion was shown back in December last year, which promised new areas to explore, new monsters to hunt, new gear, moves, quest ranks and more. So we might be getting some solid new details in today’s stream.

Have you played Monster Hunter: World? Let us know what you think will be revealed in the livestream today. Post your comments below.

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