Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Gets New Trailers Featuring Weapons

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Weapons

Capcom has released three new trailers for Monster Hunter World: Iceborn which showcase three weapons coming to the game with the expansion. The weapons introduced in these new weapons are Clutch Claw, Great Sword, and Long Sword. Looking at the trailer, you will instantly recognize that these are not the normal variants of these weapons present in the game.

The Clutch Claw offers a brand new way to tackle the monsters. It is a brand new feature added to the Slinger which can fire a claw and allows players to get ready to use the Slinger allowing them to grapple to the monsters and land some hits. You can check out the trailer for Clutch Claw below.

The second trailer features the Iceborn variant of the Great Sword. Check it out below.

The final trailer showcases the Iceborn version of the Long Sword. Its trailer is below.

Iceborn is the first mega expansion for Monster Hunter World and it will add a brand new location to the game along with new monsters. The new region Hoarfrost Reach is a snowy, cold and frigid region which is the biggest region in the game so far. Players will need to keep themselves warm in the harsh weather by drinking hot drinks and using hot springs spread around the region.

Along with the harsh weather, the new region is full of monsters that players will need to fight. Players will also get to travel the new region in style on the back of the Crotos which are new winged creatures coming to the game. New monsters include Rime Beetle, Pop, and Stonebills that will be roaming around in Hoarfrost Reach.

You can check out the Monster Hunter World: Iceborn gameplay trailer below.

Which of these three weapons are you going to use when the Monster Hunter World: Iceborn comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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